What is brand photography?

Over many years head shots have been used by businesses big and small to introduce the people behind a brand. However as a nation we are very visual people now. Therefore Spending more and more time on the internet especially using mobile phones. So with this being the case customers want to know more about the businesses they are buying from. They are often more attracted to the back story of the businesses and their why. This is where brand photography is vital to helping small businesses to thrive!

Working with a brand photographer allows you to come up with a bank of images to use across your business. The idea of investing in this portfolio is that the images will incorporate your branding and values. A branding photo shoot will often be broken down to include a mixture of images. This can include head shots, flat lays and behind the scene and maybe even your family. A great brand photographer will spend time to get to know your business and what you hope to achieve.

I am a small business owner myself, running a Essex based brand photography business. I understand that being present on social media consistently can be overwhelming and definitely time consuming. Running our own business often means we are a one man band. We need to split our time across many roles and often not giving each job the time they deserve. However working with a brand photographer can help free up this valuable time. Therefore allowing you to concentrate on engaging with your customers instead of hanging around on social media.

If this sounds like you I would highly recommend getting in touch. Set yourself apart from the rest and invest in some brand photography to help you level up your business.