When you invest in brand photography its important that you are as prepared as possible to rock your branding shoot. Here are some tips to help you get it right.

Rock your brand photography session!

When you invest in brand photography its important that you are as prepared as possible to rock your branding shoot.  Here are some tips to help you get it right.  

Be You

When you read about other peoples brand shoots you may see that they are encouraged to wear their brand colours and wear outfits which fit the business that they do. Forget what you have heard, you do you lovely!

Its important in your shoot that you feel comfortable and show your true self. So of course if you want to treat your self to a new outfit there’s nothing wrong with that but its also ok to reach for your wardrobe instead. Remember your brand shoot is all about showing your future clients who you are. A few things you should remember are:

  • Neutral colours work great for keep the focus on your face and work with most branding themes when adding props.
  • Fitted outfits will work with most body shapes, if that’s not you that’s ok,  just ensure you avoid baggy clothes as they can make you look bigger then you are.
  • Unless your planning to work with a brand photographer several times in a year its a good idea to avoid seasonal colours as your photographs will easily become dated for the rest of the year.


Props are a great tool to create flat lay images for your business but also for behind the scene photographs. Its worth taking a look at your tools for the jobs and looking at how these can feed into your branding colours to add pops of colour and help people relate these colours to your brand.

Working with props can also mean that your find a use for your hands. For many people who feel difficult in front of the camera this can be a great help and a talking point.

Hair and Makeup

When you have taken the time to invest in brand photography it’s a good idea to spend some time getting the little details right. If you normally wear make up ensure that it is a little darker/ more prominent then normal. Camera’s will normally wash these details out. If you do not normally wear make up try wearing some but keep it natural.

Getting your hair blow dried and styled, this can cost as little as £20 and is worth every penny to give you great confidence during your shoot. Save your self some pennies and book your shoot straight after your routine hair cut perhaps!

Make sure your nails are neat and tidy. Avoid chip varnish as this will 100 percent show up in your images and is easy to avoid before hand.


So that’s it, your all ready to go ! you can find out more information on my work in brand photography here and if you have any question please use the contact sheet at the bottom of the page.