Best Places to visit in Chelmsford with Children

pirate golf chelmsford

We’ve all done it as parents, the weekend has rolled around again and you have nothing planned! Perhaps your out of ideas on how to keep your little ones occupied with something exciting to do. Recently I’ve been trying to think of some new places to visit in Chelmsford with my own children. I thought I would share some of these ideas with you. 

Hylands Estate

Now you may be thinking you’ve been there a hundred times and it’s never going to wow the children again. Recently I went to Hylands with our extended family and took a new route once we arrived. Normally on a day trip here we stick to the park, gardens and stables area. However this time we took to the outskirts and was pleasantly surprised with the beautiful woodlands and streams. This gave our children some lovely new areas to explore.  

Hylands offers free admission however there is a charge onsite for parking.

Essex Police Museum

 I could not believe that in the 18 years I have lived in Chelmsford I had absolutely no clue this place existed! Although I have not visited this place yet it is on my list for some thing to do in February half term. The museum hosts a collection of objects, photographs and objects that tell the history of the force from 1840 until present day. The volunteers at the museum try to get visitors as involved as possible with dressing up opportunities and finger printing. 

Essex Police Museum are open Saturday’s 10:00 – 16:00 during term time and Wednesday 10:00 – 16:00 during the school holidays. At the time the blog was written admission was free. 


Essex Police transport


Central Park, Bell Meadow and Sky Blue Pasture

 Chelmsford is extremely lucky to have a wide variety of open spaces. Central park begins at the centre of the town behind Marks and Spencers. The park continues with the river running along side it offering lots of opportunities for picnics and in some swallow areas, some toe dipping. Over the years Chelmsford have invested in their parks to add a wonderful cafe, tennis courts and skate park. The playgrounds them selves have also been refreshed making them new and exciting. If you have not visited for a while take a look, you will be pleasantly surprised. 


Rascal Bay Golf

Often I would pass this golfing venue and for the first time this year we got around to visiting. We loved it so much that we went two more times to visit over the summer. The outdoor golfing venue was designed in Sweden and hosts encounters with Pirates, Cannons, an Octopus, Snakes, Skulls, a Cannibal’s cooking pot, a cave ,Rocks, a Volcano that erupts, Dinosaurs, Waterfalls, Dinosaur Eggs, a Treasure Chest, Crocodiles and two Rafts that the kids will love. 

Prices start from £7 and parking is free.

pirate golf chelmsford

Oaklands park and Chelmsford Museum

We are very lucky to have this little gem in Chelmsford and it’s an activity which my family often forget about as we live on the opposite side of town. The museum had an upgrade a few years ago but you can still visit the bee hive, dress up in costumes and look at the animals as you could before. What great is that now they have added to the collect on site and host some great events in the holidays for families at a low cost.