When booking a family photography shoot it is always nice to know who you are working with. So I wanted to start the new year with a blog about Blossom and Bloom and the photographer behind the Essex Family photography business.

Hello, it’s nice to meet you!

Chelmsford family Photographer

I couldn’t be happier that you found me here and I’d love to share a little bit about my life as a Essex Family Photographer myself and Blossom and Bloom Photography. 

Since you’ve come across my site, you would have gathered I am a family photographer. I have a passion for uncandid photography. Catching the natural connection between families is what makes my heart sing and creates photographs which will spark memories for years to come.

Chelmsford family Photographer

Where it all began

When I had my own children ( my eldest is now 18) my passion for photography slowly grew until the day I brought my first DLSR camera. This is where I got the bug for capturing natural lifestyle photographs of my family. I would grab any chance to take photographs of my children interacting, playing at home or even a trips out and about. I am so glad that I took this opportunity. Now I have a wonderful collection of photography of our little ones growing up.

It wasn’t long before I thought I would like to re-train as a Essex Family photographer. And so I combined this with my job at the time as a Nursery Manager. I trained with several trainers and decided outdoor family photography was the route which I connected the most with. Most likely because it resonated the most with the type of family we are. I also found that children have a tendency to relax and be themselves when they are outside. 

Over the years I have had the opportunity to try lots of different photography. My passion as a Essex family photographer continued to grow along with the clients that I was lucky enough to work with. In 2022 I left like I had won the lottery and I was able to leave my job as a Nursery Manager and concentrate on my passion of photography full time. So now we are fast approaching 2023 and over the last 6 months I still feel like I have the best job in the world! But now I have even bigger plans…

My vision for 2023

I always think, as artist’s we should continue to learn and develop our skill set. This year for my 40th I hope to treat myself to some further in person training. I want to expand to offering in home sessions for families and maybe dip into some school and nursery photography. Most of all I would like to try out some new locations for photography sessions. Such as local fruit picking and even book a shoot for my own family to update our photographs around our home. 

What plans do you have for 2023?