5 tips to create mind-blowing photographs with your phone

A lot of people use their mobile phones for photography. Camera phones are getting better and better whilst also offering the convince of being small and easily at hand.

Though not up to the level of quality a DSLR can offer, it is great to use your smart phone to snap a picture when something new or exciting happens in your business. You may want to share this instantly with your customers on social media to shout about your brand.

Here are a few tricks on how you can make these photos look even better.

Pro mode

On the newer smart phones, you can change to different modes. The pro mode lets you take a clear picture of yourself, an animal or an object and make the background blurry. Basically what you are photographing will be the focus in this setting. You can also change the lighting, tone, shadow and separating your background.


Light is incredibly important in photography. Try to make sure your person/animal/object is as well lit as you can. Outside, it is best to take pictures in the shade so you don’t get shadows on your face or on the animal. If there is no shade, you should have the sun (if there is any!) behind a person but in front of an animal or object. Here is why – If a person is facing the sun then they will be squinting. Just make sure you are focusing on the person and standing in an open space your self.

Indoors, make sure the curtains are open so there is enough light in the room. Face the light or let the animal face the light.


Choose a nice background, not some dried off bush or an ugly building or paint missing from the wall or a messy room. Even when it is blurry in portrait mode it should be nice as part of the composition of your photo. Ensuring that there are no distracting objects behind them can also help.


When you are about to take a picture just tap the screen where you want your image to be in focus. Easy as that! If you want less or more light on it then tap and hold with iPhone and usually just tap with Samsung and a little sun will come up. If you hold the sun icon and move it then you see the light changing. When you are happy with it then let the sun icon go and take the photo. Isn’t that amazing!!

 Show brand

The picture that you are capturing needs reflect your brand. So make sure this picture is truly what you believe in and what you represent. It will stay on your Social media forever. I wouldn’t recommend these images to be used on your website. Why? Because even though they look great on your phone, once you upload them, they won’t be high quality. People are attracted to eye catching images. So if you show professional creative images on your website you’re not only going to get the attention of your customers but will also position your brand as a professional and credible business. For more information on brand photography get in touch on how I can help.